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  • Cardiac
  • Abdomen

Application Directions

  • Emergency Inspection: ER, Ambulance, ICU, Wild First Aid, Battle Field Rescue.
  • Preliminary Examination: Ward Inspection, primary clinic examination medical examination, health screening, home care, family planning, etc.


Probe Type Phased Array
Scan angle 80
Frequency 1-4MHz
Scan mode B, B/M, Color, PW
Display Depth 90~190mm
Image Adjust Gain, Depth, DR, Focus, SRI, Harmonic, Denoise
Measure Length, Area, Velocity, HR, S/D, LVIDd, LVIDs, SV, EF
Puncture assist function In-plane Puncture Guide Line, Out-of-plane Puncture Guide Line,

Needle Enhance

Image frame rate 24 Frames / Second
Cinplay 50s
Power Built-in Lithium Battery, Wireless Or USB Charge 1h, Work 1h
Working system iOS, Android
Wifi type 802.11n/2.4G/5G
Dimension 125x60x20mm
Weight 140g
p3h wireless ultrasound

High Quality Wireless Phased Array Probe

Precision medical visualization tool, first aid quick examination, basic examination, wireless ultrasound probe is not only help the medical workers to improve working efficiency, reduce labor intensity and working pressure, but also improve diagnostic confidence and treatment. Minimize diagnostic and treatment errors, complications, sequelae, medical accidents and disputes.

See The Difference Great Image Quality Makes

Easy To Use

  • You can use your own personal device just like your iPhone or iPad to install the app. No need to buy special device.
  • Boot in one second and enter into working status immediately.
  • Simple operation, short learning curve for people without ultrasound experience.
  • High integration, small size, only 140g, can be placed in the pocket, easy to carry.

Both iOS And Android Apps Available

Switch between all your devices with ease.

How It Works

We condense the main unit into a small circuit board builded-in the probe, small and light,and showing image on app installed in smart phone/tablet through Wifi(internal wifi from probe, no need external Wifi signal)or USB transferring.

  • Make ultrasound easier and more efficient to use.
  • Provide visual images during any clinical procedures.


According to your design requirements, we can:

  • Integrate our ultrasound module into your medical system.
  • Provide API to support your secondary development.
  • Help you with secondary development.


  • Small,is practical to hold / scan and to store in a pocket.
  • It’s the surgeons’ stethoscope.

More Images Of SonoHealth Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

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