Application Sites

  • Vascular access
  • Nerve

Application Directions

  • Anesthesia, ICU, intervention, tumor, catheter, emergency: Visual guidance of cvc, picc, port, long and midline catheters, radial artery, femoral artery and vein, nerve block and other puncture visual guidance.
  • Renal and Hemodialysis center: Establishment and maintenance of vascular access, visual guidance of Dialysis puncture.
  • Pain, rehabilitation, Physiotherapy: Visual guidance of diagnosis and treatment, such as soft tissue lysis, effusion extraction, etc.
  • Plastic surgery: Visual guidance of cosmetic surgery.


Model V5L
Display Integrated 3 Inch LCD, And Also Support Phone Or Tablet Screen
Probe Type Linear Array
Scan Angle / Length 30mm
Frequency 7/10 MHz
Scan Mode B, Color, PW, Volume
Display Depth 20~60mm
Image Adjust Gain,Depth, DR, Focus, SRI, Harmonic
Measure Length, Area, Velocity, HR, S/D, Auto Blood Vessel Measurement
Puncture Assist Function In-plane Puncture Guide Line, Out-of-plane Puncture Guide Line, Needle Enhance
Image Frame Rate 24 Frames / Second
Cinplay >50s
Power Built-in Lithium Battery, USB Charge 3h, Work 3h
Working system Android
Wifi type 802.11n / 2.4G/5G
Dimension 150x53x22mm
Weight 185g


  • Integrated palm color ultrasound, built-in probe, cable aseptic problem solved.
  • Integrated palm color ultrasound, built-in touch and display screen, can working independently not need connecting to tablet.
  • The technique of puncture enhancement makes the puncture more reliable.
  • Small & light, make it ideal for point of care use.
  • Full sealing design: It can be short soaked and disinfected to strengthen infection control.

See The Difference Great Image Quality Makes

Easy To Use

  • Boot in one second and enter into working status immediately.
  • Simple operation,short learning curve for people without ultrasound experience.
  • High integration, small size, only 185g, can be placed in the pocket, easy to carry.

Both iOS And Android Apps Available

Switch between all your devices with ease.

How It Works

We condense the main unit into a small circuit board builded-in the probe, small and light,and showing image on app installed in smart phone/tablet through Wifi(internal wifi from probe, no need external Wifi signal)or USB transferring.

  • Make ultrasound easier and more efficient to use.
  • Provide visual images during any clinical procedures.


  • Intelligent control: One hand operation, easy to learn and use.
  • Intelligent preset, intelligent memory.
  • Intelligent measurement: Vessel diameter, flow velocity and Blood volume.


  • Dual screen display: The built-in display screen and wireless connected mobile screen can be displayed at the same time, and can be observed by multiple people.
  • Full sealing design: It can be short soaked and disinfected to strengthen infection control.
  • Wireless charging: Charging anywhere.

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